Torgy LNG delivers turnkey solutions including engineering, project consultancy, planning, purchasing, project management and installation of LNG storage and fuel systems for shipping and land based industry. 

Working with our clients at every step, Torgy LNG supplies a unique range of products and services including IMO A and IMO C LNG containment systems. Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, these tanks can be specified for transport, storage or use in fuel systems.

Torgy’s IMO A LNG Containment System is the world’s first small scale, non-pressurised LNG containment. Our unique design allows tanks to be built into a large variety of shapes and sizes and is ideal for optimising tank capacity on board ships with the minimum impact on cargo capacity. In spite of their clear operational advantages, Torgy IMO A tanks remain cost competitive with all other tank technologies

Torgy also provides LNG re-gas and fuel handling systems for shipping and industry. These systems are compact, efficient and have been developed in collaboration with Rolls Royce Marine.

Torgy LNG is ready to work with designers and shipyards world wide, and can deliver systems in all markets, including solutions for Jones Act Shipping.

In addition to physical products, Torgy LNG also offers a consultancy service. If you or your business requires assistance in determining your business case, or you are uncertain of how to enter the LNG sector, either as a shipper, or consumer then talk to us.



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