TORGY LNG receives General Approval for their LNG Storage System from DNV

On Friday 29th November DNV handed over a “GASA Statement” (General Approval for Ship Application) to TORGY LNG AS for their new LNG tank design based on an A-type LNG tank design. The handover of the statement means that the design has been through full approval review. This is the first time that an LNG tank based on the IMO A atmospheric design has been awarded GASA. The hand over came as a result of a long cooperation between the DNV approval unit TNANO870 and the designers in Torgy LNG AS, which began early in 2012. Since then, the design has been through several iterations and a large amount of documentation has been created as a result of tests that have included FEM analysis, local design solutions, testing of materials and mockup testing etc. In November 2013 DNV decided that the tank design has met the requirements for GASA approval (General Approval for Ship Application). Sven Halvorsen, CEO in Torgy LNG AS, says “We are delighted at finally reaching this landmark, after a demanding process of design developments and modifications providing documentation. The cooperation with DNV has been important in defining the critical issues with the design and to getting input to improve the design to the stage where it is today”. The new design is expected to be a competitive alternative to today’s membrane tank designs and pressurized C-type tanks.”


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